Clean and Healthy Food

A well-balanced diet is essential, especially for the elderly, to maintain a healthy weight and keep them energized. Our meals are prepared with fresh items taking into account nutritional needs.

24/7 Ambulance service

The organization also has active medical staff to care for the elderly. Our Emergency Response is a unique facility for the elderly, including a 24/7 helpline to arranging midnight ambulances.

Comfortable Shelter for Everyone

We provide comfortable accommodation to the elderly with the aim to give them peace in their later days of life. We take care that these elders do not face any discomfort.

Devditha Charitable And Welfare Trust (R)

All of our care packages are tailor-made as we believe care should be as individual as you are. Whether you are looking for long-term care, want a helping hand for a few hours a week or require round-the-clock specialist nursing care, Devditha  Charitable and Welfare Trust can offer you affordable solutions. We are here to help you stay in your home; surrounded by the things you know and love with family, friends and neighbours nearby.

Experienced Staff

Assisted Living

Medication Monitoring

Dietary Counseling

Live an Independent Life in Belman, Karkala, Karnataka

Everyone ages. It is an inherent property of life. As our bodies and minds develop over time, we adapt to these changes by modifying our decisions and actions. The later years of life can be especially challenging, but Devditha Charitable Trust (R) is here to help.

Experience Our Amenities

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact age when an adult becomes a geriatric patient.  It is a gradual process that enforces the need for some kind of support by family or medical staff without which, the patient may be worse off.

Amazing Atmosphere

We offers loving care to the elderlies in a hygienic and comfortable environment.

Latest Medical Care

Medical and nursing care that is administered by a licensed provider and by using latest technology

Courteous & Caring Staff

We provide 24-hour nursing care for convalescent residents and those with long-term care illnesses.

Hospice Care

Our doctors are always at hand and emergency services are available 24×7.

"Time, which changes people, does not alter the image we have retained of them" -Marcel Proust